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Local company a breath of fresh air

Precision Engineering has designed, fabricated and manufactured a portable ventilator to help patients in respiratory distress. The piece of medical equipment can be used in a hospital setting or in the field. Pictured, from left, are Precision Engineering owner Jamey Hyder, engineering manager Dustin Cannon, and marketing director Kyle Ward.

By James Clark - Editor at the Southern Standard newspaper in McMinnville, TN

I’m constantly amazed at the ingenuity of companies right here in Warren County, some of which have contracts with our military and space programs. Precision Engineering, founded by Jamey Hyder 25 years ago, is one of those companies. With America struggling to meet a need for ventilators, Jamey and his team stopped everything they were doing and in about eight days manufactured a portable ventilator that can be used in the field, or in hospitals. “It was an all-hands-on-deck project,” said Precision Engineering marketing director Kyle Ward referring to a piece of equipment called PneuBreath. The ventilator was designed, machined and manufactured at the Precision Engineering plant at 5638 Manchester Highway. A second version is already in the works that will be 100 percent field-ready and have capabilities of plugging into a wall outlet or car battery. “This really has the capability to help a lot of people. It’s a temporary sustainer of life,” said Hyder. There are certain hurdles that have to be cleared before any piece of medical equipment hits the market. Hyder says the PneuBreath is not meant to replace ventilators, but to be a valuable supplement. He sees the device as not a temporary fix during the COVID-19 pandemic, but as a permanent fixture to the healthcare medicine cabinet. “Because this is field-ready, it can be an apparatus for the military, for disaster relief, even for businesses that are looking to benefit,” said Jamey. “With our phase two, this will be an entirely self-contained unit. It’s a grab-and-go solution.” Jamey pointed out the PneuBreath comes in a hard-shell container. That makes it easy to transport and also easy to store and stack. “It’s beyond COVID-19 as far as its sustainability,” said Ward. “I think there will be a strong market for it.” Information about the PneuBreath was released to only three media outlets, one being the award-winning Southern Standard, and word had already traveled out of state in just two days. Jamey said he received a call Thursday morning from a company in Florida wanting more information about his creation. There are still questions to resolve about whether PneuBreath will be mass produced in Warren County or at another location. Precision Engineering isn’t so much about actual production as it is providing the tools and materials for production. Precision Engineering is also knee-deep in another project to provide assembly line parts to Kimberly-Clark, a company which is ramping up assembly line production of N95 facemasks. I think all of us could benefit from more facemasks in circulation. The editors of Business Pulse applaud Jamey Hyder and his team at Precision Engineering for working to provide solutions to real-world problems we’re all experiencing.

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