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Officials Seek Input on Direction for the 2020-21 School Year

By: Alyssa Boles for the Southern Standard

The Warren County School System is seeking input from students and parents regarding the 2020-21 school year plan.

“I want a normal senior year,” said rising WCHS senior Dante Elam, who said he’s eager to return to class as usual. 

Four scenarios were outlined last week by Director of Schools Grant Swallows for beginning the school year, which is scheduled to start Wednesday, Aug. 12. The list has been narrowed to three possible options. 

The three options are as follows:

No. 1 -- All students attend school in physical buildings. 

No. 2 -- Rotating schedule with 50% of students in the building while the other 50% are home receiving online instruction. 

No. 3 -- All students receive online instruction, the same scenario in place at the end of the last school year.

A survey was sent to parents and students by email. The survey asks a few simple questions regarding opinions of the school scenarios and their internet and electronic device availability at home.

“I play football and basketball and not having school in person would greatly affect all of the athletes,” said Elam. “I want to have the full high school experience,” 

Teacher and parent Ami Wilcher shared her opinion on the options for the upcoming school year. 

“As a parent with upcoming seniors, we need a traditional school schedule,” said Wilcher. “The kids are losing so much social and educational learning being at home in a virtual learning environment.” 

The school survey prompted a Facebook petition from students urging them to vote for a “traditional” school year. Posts on the site have varied greatly, but option No. 2 does not seem to be favorable. Swallows made this comment about starting the school year.

“We have it labeled as scenario No. 1 for the reason of that’s what we want to be able to accomplish, and we want the students to have as normal of a school year as we can,” said Swallows. “We also have to realize we are in a different time and when it comes down to it we just have to do what is safe for everyone, and that is why scenario No. 2 is an option, so if it is not safe enough for everyone to be together then we can have smaller groups.” 

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