• Atlanta Northcutt

Why Protestors Led Peaceful Demonstration in Their Own Words

By: Atlanta Northcutt --- Reporter for the Southern Standard

“I’m doing this because we need to be heard, and we’ve been silenced long enough. We’re not anti-police. We’re for representing the fact black lives matter. We’re trying to be as peaceful as possible while still having our voices heard. Everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and any other factors, should all be treated fairly and equally.”

- Austin Cardin

“All of this police brutality really needs to stop. However, the police here today are on our side and trying to make sure we’re safe. This isn’t about being anti-police, but being pro-equality for everyone.”

- Logan Janow

“All of this needs to stop. This is absolutely unacceptable and has gone too far. More white people need to use their privilege to stand up for the black community and work to help protect them. We need to be the ones confronting the cops because black people are obviously vulnerable and being attacked.”

- Brianna Mason

“Black lives matter, and the fact that man had a knee pressed into his neck for such a long time that he lost his life is unacceptable.”

- John Smartt

“I believe black lives matter, and the justice system is failing our black men and women.”

- Kelly Ellis

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