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Safest Tennessee city and community rankings

AdvisorSmith examined the safest cities and communities in the state of Tennessee, using the most recent data from the FBI. The data set was released in the fall of 2019, and contains information about crimes reported in 2018.

Crimes reported in this data set include property crime such as burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft, as well as violent crimes such as rape, robbery, assault, and murder.

AdvisorSmith created a proprietary crime score which weights more serious crimes more heavily to determine the safest cities and towns in Tennessee.

This study divided cities and towns in Tennessee based upon their population. Cities and towns with under 10,000 residents were compared, and labeled the communities as towns.

Cities with between 10,000 and 100,000 residents were labeled by AdvisorSmith as midsize cities, and the six cities in Tennessee with over 100,000 residents were compared as large cities.

This study included six large cities, 48 midsize cities and 168 towns.

From the study of midsize cities, from one being the safest to 48 being the most unsafe, the results for the following midsize cities are:

15- Smyrna

23- Cookeville

26- Tullahoma

28- McMinnville

30- Manchester

32- Shelbyville

Regarding towns in the region, from one being the safest to 168 being the most unsafe, the results for the following towns are:

69- Woodbury

104- Smithville

119- Sparta

132- Monteagle

133- Winchester

From the study of largest cities in Tennessee, Murfreesboro ranked number one as the safest out of Tennessee's six other largest cities.

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