The Power of women magnified

by Todd Herzog

The Power of 100 of Warren County began in 2018 and has rapidly grown to 145 female members with many more expected.

Imagine 145 women meeting once a quarter for an hour and making a collective donation of $10,800 to a deserving, selected local charity. The Power of 100 of Warren County is doing exactly that. This grassroots effort is making a big difference to local 501(c)3 charities that always struggle with funding.

The Power of 100 of Warren County was introduced locally by Carrie Huckeby who retired in 2018 and learned of this organizational effort from friends in North Dakota. Carrie researched Power of 100 groups from across the U.S. and talked to multiple groups in North Dakota.

Surprisingly, Carrie was not able to identify any existing Power of 100 groups in Tennessee. In April 2018, Carrie recruited the following ladies to be part of the steering committee for Power of 100 of Warren County:

Cindy Rogers – Homeland Community Bank

Karen Wilson – Ben Lomand Connect

Shelly Miller – Miller Photography

Leanne Fisher – Caney Fork Electric

All of these ladies are involved in our community making a difference. They, along with Carrie, began and are the Power of 100 steering committee. Carrie uses her laptop computer to track members and group plans. Cindy and Leanne handle member check collection and communications. Shelly verifies the 501(c)3 status for applying charities, as well as taking pictures of the recipients during the checks presentations.

The group website is This website has a group history, member list, member applications, charity applications, contact info, etc. The group also has an active Facebook position at

A group meeting history to date is as follows:

Month/Year # Voting Members Winning Recipient

October 2018 63 Hamilton St. Activity Ctr.

January 2019 74 Families in Crisis

April 2019 91 McMinnville Special Games

July 2019 98 Meals on Wheels

October 2019 107 Kids of the Community

January 2020 UMC Outreach Bldg.

Local charities are nominated by members of the Power of 100 of Warren County. They must fill out and submit an application. If accepted, the charity is invited to attend the next group meeting. At each meeting, a blind draw is conducted to select three charities who then give a maximum of a five-minute presentation on why they should be selected. Each presentation is followed by a maximum of five minutes for questions and answers. This 30 minutes is followed by a member voting period during which the previous awarded recipient advises how they have spent their donations.

The new recipient is thus announced and members have a maximum of three days to get their $100 checks turned in. Aside from the 60 minutes for the meeting above, the event starts with a social half hour. During the social half hour refreshments and snacks are offered from sponsors. There is a timer to track the five-minute increments. Meetings are very time efficient and fast moving.

The recipients to date have all had timely needs to utilize their received donations, as follows:

Hamilton St. Activity Center – used the funds to cover their holiday plans and do a field trip.

Families in Crisis – an unexpected government shutdown cut off their funding, so the donations allowed them to keep operating and purchase food.

McMinnville Special Games – purchased a tractor that facilitates their games set-up.

Meals on Wheels – had a primary freezer break down, so they were able to purchase a freezer to keep operating

Kids of the Community – had annual insurance bill arrive of $3,800 which the donation helped them cover.

Power of 100 of Warren County is currently at 145 ladies, 108 votes, with more expected near term. Ladies can join as individual members or a two-person team. The team has one vote as does the individual member. Each member/ team commits to being a member for one year or a total of $400 ($100/ quarter).

Meeting attendance is voluntary. Approximately 65 percent of the membership attends the quarterly meetings. The group aspires to keep growing. One Power of 100 group in North Dakota has 400 members, so more is better.

The tag line for Power of 100 of Warren County is “We can do more together.” The philosophy is termed as “SIMPLE” … “POWERFUL” … “MEANINGFUL.”

The Power of 100 of Warren County relies on sponsors to offer meeting locations as well as the refreshments & food for the meetings. Meeting locations used to-date are noted above. Sponsors for the refreshments and food have included Homeland Community Bank, Security Federal Savings Bank, Donald Hillis Reality, NHC, Tree City Reality, Eye Centers of Tennessee, Kate Alsbrook/ Paige Chastain, etc. These ladies would gladly accept new offers for meeting locations and meeting service for the future quarters. Please contact Carrie Huckeby at

Carrie Huckeby was born and raised in Warren County. She graduated from Motlow College with an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree from the Mid Continent University (Ky.), and a MBA degree (2016) from Bethel College in Tennessee.

Carrie is married to husband David and has two children – son 26 and daughter 31. They have two grandchildren. Carrie worked for McMinnville Electric Service for 4 years and 31 years between Ben Lomand Connect and Telecom Management Services in Mayfield, Ky.

Since retiring in 2018, Carrie is working part-time as director of strategy and training for Wordsouth of Rainsville, Ala. Carrie’s hobbies are gardening, beehives, and the Power of 100.

BRAC congratulates these motivated ladies who have found a unique way to truly make a big difference in Warren County. Our appreciation is especially warranted during this holiday season. A special thanks to Carrie Huckeby for her vision and commitment.

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