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WCHS Football Player's Positivity in Session Although Schools Are Not

Updated: May 12

By: Atlanta Northcutt --- Reporter for the Southern Standard

What are students doing while Warren County schools aren't in session? A WCHS football player is choosing to remain positive and use this time to better connect with the ones he loves.

Bryson Elrod, 17, is a junior at WCHS. Elrod is a lover of all sports, but his speciality is football as he is on the high school’s football team.

“School closures and the stay-at-home order have made it hard for our football team to work together, become better and develop plays,” says Elrod. “These closures have definitely made it much harder, especially since I hope to achieve a football scholarship in the future.”

Schools have been out of session since the end of fall break and will remain closed until the beginning of the next school year.

“The administration is determining when everyone can return to school, but as of now, I know it’s definitely not going to be until next year,” says Elrod.

Elrod is not only a football player, but is taking on higher level classes, such as chemistry, algebra II, english III, visual arts and others. He is afraid of losing some understanding of these subjects since he is one of the many students who learns the most from visual and hands-on teaching.

“I’m afraid I may lose some of the information being taught to me online because I’m the type of student who needs more visual and hands-on instructions through teaching,” explains Elrod. “Chemistry is definitely one of those subjects I better understand by being taught in the classroom.”

Elrod states the same studies held in class are being instructed by teachers through the Google Classroom app.

“The teachers are trying to help as much as they can, but I think this system might make me lose some information needed for the larger and more important exams, such as the ACT,” says Elrod. “These tests are needed to advance in our future careers and help us move forward successfully in life.”

Although Elrod admits he would be upset if his graduation and prom were cancelled, he understands the safety precautions which must be taken during this time.

“Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do. The administration is working to keep us safe, and I’m glad they are trying to protect us,” says Elrod. “However, I understand why people are upset, and I’d be a little upset too. If I had the authority, I would try to make it up to the students whose special days have been impacted by this.”

The stay-at-home order has been tough and a little boring for Elrod, but he also sees the positives of the situation.

“I’ve been able to do projects around the house and spend more time with my family. We’re now able to connect with our loved ones,” says Elrod. “Previously, everyone was so busy with work, football practice and other activities separating us. This gives all of us time to be together, and that’s a good thing.”

Elrod and his family pass the time by playing cards, riding four-wheelers, playing with their dogs and swimming when the weather and temperature permits.

“I try to go outside often, and play with my brother, run, work out, swim, take walks and go on hikes,” says Elrod.

Once school closed for the year, Elrod started his first job working at a nursery.

“The job has helped me get out of the house and do something productive,” says Elrod.

Elrod’s favorite part of school being out is having the ability to stay home and spend time with his family, but he claims his least favorite is having to do school work online.

“It’s much easier to lose focus while doing school work online, but my parents have been great in helping push me to get everything done with my online classes,” says Elrod.

Bryson is the son of Darek and Natasha Elrod. He has a little brother, Nate Elrod, who is 15 and a freshman at WCHS.

“Nate turned 15 on April 11, and I know it was hard for him since he didn’t get to have the full birthday experience,” says Elrod. “Due to everything going on, he couldn’t really do anything. It made me feel bad for those who have birthdays or important life events during this time. They aren’t able to celebrate as they would normally be able to.”

Bryson has high goals for his future. He’s discovering positive opportunities during these unprecedented times of struggle.

“I hope to continue playing sports, but if I can’t do that, I would like to get into architecture and work on buildings,” says Elrod. “I’m still figuring it all out, but this break may give me the extra time I need to help me decide what I want to do with my future.”

“Take this time to become closer to your family by spending more time together, stay healthy, stay positive, stick together and know this too shall pass,” adds Bryson. “We will recover, push past this and come out stronger than before.”

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